Real-time autonomous control - optimising for your farm's objectives

We believe that aquaculture will play a key role in meeting the growing world population's protein needs. Our mission is to deploy technology enabling the rapid scaling of sustainable land-based aquaculture systems, including recirculating, biofloc and open pond systems

The Finhouse Offer


Our approach uses modelling, simulation and statistics to infer the unknown parameters where automated, online sensing technology is still in development. Our models are calibrated for individual facilities during the set-up phase and then continue to self-calibrate based on regular measurements taken in routine operations.


Our high fidelity models of land-based aquaculture systems enable improved understanding of the complex interactions of multiple parameters - from total ammonia nitrogen, to water flow, fish activity and oxygen levels - as well as their effects on fish health and growth. We use machine learning to improve the accuracy of our predictive models over time.


The Finhouse AI smart controller brings unparalleled accuracy and system robustness. With a limited ‘learning curve’ the smart-controller will become bespoke to any given facility - minimising farm management, maximising profitability and de-risking the system from crashes and user error.


System Optimisation

Optimising stocking densities

Improved understanding of a system's operating capacity through modelling bio-filter performance, nitrogen and oxygen dynamics.

Optimising growth rates

Identifying optimum growth conditions to deliver against your objectives, taking into account input costs and harvest prices.

Reducing feed and other costs

Improving feed conversion ratios and reducing labour costs through smart automation.

"Land-based aquaculture is anticipated to grow nine-fold over the next 15 years"

Fish 2.0 Market Report 2015

System Robustness

Early warnings

Continuous monitoring of system parameters will allow us to predict when something will go wrong before it happens.

Fewer false alarms

By understanding system fluctuations we are able to distinguish between sensor anomalies and genuine problems that require remedial action.

Predictive maintenance

Ensuring that maintenance is carried out before a downturn in performance, helping to avoid catastrophic failures.

About Us

About Us

Finhouse are using artificial intelligence to revolutionise how land-based recirculating aquaculture systems are controlled and managed.

We believe that land-based aquaculture systems will become an increasingly important means of seafood production in the future, delivering a higher quality product close to market.

We are using state-of-the-art technology in mathematical modelling, optimisation and control developed for the Formula 1 and Oil & Gas industries.

Our team brings a broad range of skills in optimal control and machine learning, operational improvement and marine biological processes.


Join the Finhouse team

We are looking for people with a range of skills from engineering and software through to fish biology and RAS management experience.


If you have a passion for solving the imminent food challenge for the world's growing population and think you can add value to our mission please get in touch.

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